Kilo Black Series

Kilo White Series is fabricated and conveyed to you by Kilo E-Liquids. Kilo White Series presents four delectable flavors with a smooth and smooth mix that comprise of a strawberry and chocolate taste. Kilo E-Liquids was established in 2014 and has developed to end up plainly an incredibly famous premium e-fluid brand. Their development has been credited to their enthusiasm, uprightness, modernity, inventiveness, and persistence which has enabled them to create e-fluids with unmatched perfection. Kilo E-Liquids has developed their standard image which now comprises of 5 lead flavors: Kiberry Yogurt, Dewberry Cream, Tru Blu, Cereal Milk, and Fruit Whip. In August 2016, Kilo E-Liquid additionally presented their Black Series; an intense 60ml line up comprising of 4 one of a kind flavors. Kilo E-Liquid additionally fabricates numerous different lines and is home to Moo E-Liquids, Kilo Black Series, Kilo White Series and Bazooka Sour Straws.Marshmallow Crisp by KILO E-Liquids is part of the sensational White Series. A toasted marshmallow with a slight indication of caramelized upgrade to make a luscious exquisite sweet not at all like some other. What’s more, as usual, Handcrafted to Perfection