Free geolocation information widgets

Are you looking for a widgets for display visitor information on your website? provided free widgets for real-time geolocation information for tracking website.

These widgets have different formats. You can add these widgets to your website via html or BB code. Just copy the code and paste widgets code on your website. After added  widgets in your website you can see real-time visitor geolocation information and IP address. It can be used in blog, web sites and forum as signature to show visitors information in real-time

In these widgets have beautiful graphic color, different sizes with  perfect design.  You can use this information box by square, horizontal and tall size. You also can customize the size of information box for your widgets.

In these widgets you can get real-time visitor geolocation  information IP address, country, region, city, zip code, time zone etc. If you also want to promote your website you can add these widgets on your website. For more details and collection of free widgets click here and choose a color scheme from the available collection and matches your website design perfectly with your own choice.